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»Successes: I am proud, that I finished this MOOC 100%, which I was not sure about in the beginning. I gained my curiosity and my joy of learning new things back! I actually got a new perspect…

My story, Part II

Carola Schmidt, 01 Aug 17

»Hallo, ich schreibe das hier mal auf Deutsch, weil ich mich so doch besser ausdrücken kann. Wenn ich die Übung richtig verstehe, geht es darum, sich zusammen zu tun. Ich fände es überaus spann…

Learning Hub: Metropolregion Nürnberg

Carola Schmidt, 11 Jul 17

»I think that playing around with her organizational skills could be a fun game in her learning journey. Maybe there are some existing games, where one has to juggle with deadlines, meeting dat…

Gamification for Martina!

Carola Schmidt, 11 Jul 17

»Being together in a group, or maybe just with another person can be really inspiring. Sometimes you stumble about solutions while doing other stuff with your co-workers. In a conversation idea…

How Can You Support Social Learning?

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Carola Schmidt, 07 Jul 17

»Again some ideas with no certain order: The team could be supervized. Communications structures could be described and trained. The team could be newly set up, taking the new configuration i…

Creating a Culture of Learning for Martina

Carola Schmidt, 06 Jul 17

»Note: This is a collection of thoughts. The possible "solutions" are in no specific order by now. Maybe I'll come back to this later. 1. What do you want / expect Martina to learn. If the tra…

Help out Martina!

Carola Schmidt, 06 Jul 17

»I only used Online-Learning tools privately so far and was not really aware of it either until now. So, here is my story so far: Succeses: I learned how to knit and sew by watching videos in …


Carola Schmidt, 05 Jul 17

»It really depends in, what I am trying to learn / master, wether I choose a text, a video vor a podcast. I go for videos when I want to learn something that is not only managed through cogniti…


Carola Schmidt, 05 Jul 17

»Having no real experience, I haven't faced any great obstacles yet. Hope it stays that way. Iamnewatthis


Carola Schmidt, 04 Jul 17