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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

Chapter 2


How and why Stonehenge was built is easily the most interesting question about it - particularly in relation to the stones that came from Wales. I think the proposed solutions are largely plausible, the most likely one being that Stonehenge was built to mark the midwinter sunset, and had a ritual element to it. I believe though that it must have had other significance throughout the year. This is particularly shown by the fact it was built at a site that already had monuments and burials, which continued to expand after Stonehenge was built too - clearly this was a very meaningful site for people. This kind of building would have also brought the community together and may have served as a way of creating bonds and partnerships between different families and communities, at a time when farming and communal living was becoming more important.

It is also possible that Neolithic people had much more efficient methods of moving the stones than we are able to think up today - they lived at a time when everything was new and innovative, and as they wouldn't have been able to rely on technology as we do today, they may have had methods of doing things that we wouldn't think of.

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