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»The 21st century is continuing the story of Stonehenge by making efforts to re-interpret the site, with the new visitor centre and access routes, by continuing to research and excavate the are…

Chapter 5

Ally Beckett, 12 Mar 17

»Stonehenge has an extensive impact on British culture, even if people don't realise it. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the country, and even those without a background in history or…

Chapter 4

Ally Beckett, 08 Mar 17

»While the first account of any historical feature, particularly one as well known as Stonehenge, will always be important (if only for the cultural context of the time), I don't think it's tru…

Chapter 3

Ally Beckett, 05 Mar 17

»How and why Stonehenge was built is easily the most interesting question about it - particularly in relation to the stones that came from Wales. I think the proposed solutions are largely plau…

Chapter 2

Ally Beckett, 05 Mar 17

»I think that although technically the name 'Stonehenge' would just refer to the stones and henge ditch around them, we cannot see this as separate to the rest of the landscape. The fact that t…

The whole Stonehenge Landscape

Ally Beckett, 26 Feb 17