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Aleksej Heinze

Aleksej is a Senior Lecturer at Salford Business School, University of Salford. He has a wealth of lecturing experience in a variety of subjects mostly concerned with the use of Information Technologies to benefit business. In addition to his teaching, he has been active in a number of management and leadership roles including Co-Director of the Centre for Digital Business and Social Media Champion at Salford Business School.

He has a breadth of experience of working on projects with small local organisations for example, in the use of Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing, as well as on national and international projects – for example - Passport to Trade 2.0 – a project developing business culture guides, including Social Media Etiquette, across 31 European countries -

Working in multinational teams he has developed online learning material in the areas of Enterprise Cultural Heritage and regional innovation policy practice. Most recently, he has been working on the Joint European Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing (JEMSS) project to develop a series of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in Digital and Social Media Marketing -

Being a pragmatist, he believes in innovation and “practicing what he preaches” through a number of consultancies such as Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTPs) and the supervision of real live student projects. He is also Head of the Advisory Board at SEMTA (Search Engine Marketing Trade Association).

Aleksej Heinze's courses


Digital Marketing – Critical Success Factors