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Process design - analyse processes, identify improvements, raise potentials

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What is the course about?

In many organizations processes play an important role. However, structured and targeted work on processes is not always the case!

My course is about how you can design processes in such a way that they become even more customer-oriented and efficient. In simple and practical instructions you will learn how to analyze processes comprehensively, identify improvement approaches completely, quantify potentials plausibly and implement measures effectively.

The course comprises six chapters:

The first chapter provides an introduction to important definitions and pitfalls in process work. It also explains how a useful process map can look like.

The second chapter covers not only the procedure for process analysis but also various systematics for process modeling (e.g. flowcharts, BPMN 2.0, value stream analysis, etc.)

The third chapter presents a checklist for identifying improvement approaches. It classifies concepts such as Lean Management, Agile Management or Outsourcing and explains the "essence" of them: the principles of process improvement.

In the fourth chapter, two specific examples are used to show how the benefits of process improvements can be estimated as plausibly as possible.

The fifth chapter deals with change management, the "hardness degree" system or process controlling tools, how a sustainable implementation of measures to improve processes can succeed.

Finally, the sixth chapter gives an outlook on further fields of action in process management with a process maturity model. It also contains tips on how to anchor process management in an organization.

What will you learn?

After the course, you will ** even better convince colleagues and clients** how you can align the processes of your organization even better with customer needs and save costs at the same time.

What is the target audience?

The course is particularly aimed at specialists and managers who deal with processes on a daily basis and intuitively already have a good grasp of them, but who would like to get a structured overview of methods and tools for process management.

What prior knowledge is required?

For the course no special previous knowledge is necessary.

Course content

Chapter 1
Process organization and "good" processes
Pitfalls in managing processes
Your motivation for the course
Process map as a starting point
Structure of the course
Examples for processes to improve
Chapter 2
Analyse processes
Process analysis: occasions and roles
Procedure process analysis and preparation
Aspects in process analysis and information collection methods
Overview of process modelling notations
Principles pf proper process modelling
Documentation of the results of the process analysis
Process analysis of the example processes
Chapter 3
Identify improvements
Overview and classification of process improvement concepts
Goals of process improvements
Process improvement principles time
Process improvement principles cost
Process improvement principles quality
General principles of process improvement
Favourite principle
Chapter 4
Estimate potential benefits
Introduction and potential impact of improvement measures
Estimation of potential benefits
Estimation of potential benefits for the sample processes
Chapter 5
Implement measures
Planning of measure implementation
Prioritisation of measures and implementation preparation
Process controlling to support process management
Hardness degree system to track the implementation
Change Management as implementation support
Implementation planning for sample process
Chapter 6
Summary and outlook
Constant change requires process work and levels of maturity
Embedding process management in the organization
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