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Dr. Michael (Mike) Seeger

Financing of Gold Mining Projects

  • 49 min
  • English
  • Economics, Engineering

About this course

Gold mining projects and mines located across the globe, often in challenging environments, have a constant requirement for new capital. Prior to seeking capital, the gold mining industry market dynamics need to be understood. The course covers the different capital requirements for gold mining projects. A condition of successful financing is a solid and sustainable gold mining business case, and this course provides a guideline,  from licenses, resources, reserves to mining and processing of gold ore, all managed by a strong team, sustainable and profitable. The different types of gold mining projects are presented. The course deals with the different capital types and transaction structures for the different developmental stages of gold mines. A proven financing process is provided, and practical case studies of gold mine financings are presented that can serve as a reference for new gold mine financings.

What do you learn in the course

  • industry dynamics of the gold mining industry
  • how to develop a strong gold mining business case that will attract investment 
  • the different types of gold mining projects
  • the capital requirements for the different stages of developing a gold mine 
  • the types of capital available for the financing of gold mining projects and funding structures
  • legal structuring the gold mine financing   
  • the financing process and key components
  • case studies of financing gold mining projects 

Who is the course for

  • gold mine developers seeking to finance their project
  • gold mine owners intent on financing equipment or recapitalizing their mine
  • gold mining and exploration companies
  • mining investors 
  • mineral policymakers intent on developing the gold mining sectors of their countries

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