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Dr. Olaf Mäder

Controlling - A Critical Success Factor in a Globalised World

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About this course

Course Summary

The adequate supply of information for decision-makers (e.g. board members, supervisory board members, division, department and team leaders) is crucial for entrepreneurial success.

Due to a fast changing environment, higher insecurity and higher competition increases the pressure on companies. Further is the quality of the information baseline for managers and executives shrinking.

Based on that initial situation the course outlines and structures the basic challenges and assumptions for companies in the field of Controlling. 

Based on that fundament the Objectification orientated Controlling approach is shown.

The central objective is it to provide decision-makers with an objectified scope of information, that business decisions can be made in a qualified manner. 

Learning Objectives

The participants will learn in the course the basic building blocks and elements of a Controlling system in common as well as the Objectification orientated Controlling approach in particular.

With this knowledge the participants will understand the need of objectified information sizes for a proper decision making as a baseline for successful managing a company.

Prior Knowledge

No prior knowledge necessary.

Course Schedule

Chapter 1: Basic Assumptions

Chapter 2: Value Orientation

Chapter 3: Objectification

Chapter 4: Controlling Status Analysis

Chapter 5: Controlling Approach: Part 1

Chapter 6: Controlling Approach: Part 2

Target Audience

The course is aimed at interested parties and practitioners who would like to learn more about how a state-of-the-art Controlling approach can improve business decisions.

Course Elements

The course offers you high quality teaching videos (ca. 3 hours), several quizzes to test your knowledge and a range of further reading and additional materials.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a statement of participation.

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