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An Introduction to Disk Brake Creep Groan: Testing and Simulation

  • 40 min
  • English
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About this course

Have you experienced a rough, loud noise while releasing your brake pedal during drive off from the traffic lights? Probably, you heard and felt a phenomenon called creep groan!

Creep groan is a low-frequency noise and vibration problem coming from your car's friction brakes. As you can imagine, it's not what one would consider a pleasant sound  - many drivers complain and warranty cases are the result. Therefore, car manufacturers try to reduce the noise and treat this issue of comfort.

This course shall give you a short but sound introduction to the problem: Not only is the phenomenon explained, but you will also find many different methods for testing and simulation explained. Dive into the fascinating world of friction-induced vibrations, learn how a brake is similar to a violin and get some idea of the many different options for investigating these complex effects!

Target Group

This course is aimed at engineers and physicists who are interested or maybe working in the field of friction-induced vibration. Especially young professionals, who are new in the field, could probably profit the most.

Prior Knowledge

Basics in mechanical engineering and brake design are advantageous when starting this course.

What is included in this course?

This course covers the basics of creep groan-related vibration and its excitation mechanism, several experimental investigation methods such as matrix tests, operational deflection shapes (ODS) and high-speed video recordings. The bifurcation behavior of creep groan is discussed. Simulative methods such as the Complex Eigenvalue Analysis (CEA) or direct time integration methods are presented as well. Participants will learn about influences from axle and brake components as well. A short discussion about creep groan mitigation and reduction of annoyance will conclude the course.

What our customers say about the course...

Excellent overview and insightful conclusions

,,Very nice and complete overview of creep groan, plus insightful conclusions! The course offers a very friendly and effective introduction to the topic, and condenses the information presented by several different articles into some easy-to-follow and well-explained videos. I particularily enjoyed the presentation of experimental results (generated noise, ODS and HS camera) which are harder to interpret through the articles. Highly recommend this course and the articles developed by this team!"
Tomas Bourdieu, Simulation Engineer, (2021)

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