The Business Communication Programme - Basic

Get certified in key communication skills: Master presentations, marketing and analytics


Effective communication is key in today’s business world. That’s why iversity brought together the courses to teach you the required skills to succeed: The Business Communication Programme combines a unique curriculum from top institutions from academia and the industry. With flexible online learning you can master communication in words, visuals, data and marketing at your own pace. Join a community of professionals and pave the way to great new career opportunities.

By the end of the programme, you will:

These skills benefit groups including:

  • be a captivating presenter and clear visualiser,
  • feel confident in meetings, negotiations and conferences,
  • know how to increase revenues by understanding your customers,
  • be an expert for digital trends, methods and tools
  • take away an evaluated project and certificate to show clients, current and future employers
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Managers and team leads
  • CEOs and top-level management
  • Freelancers and self-starters
  • Anyone with the interest and drive to improve their business communication skills

Your Curriculum: Communication Skills That Every Professional Needs

The curriculum consists of two modules. In the mandatory first module, you will learn to get your message across with words and visuals. In the second module, you can specialise in marketing or customer analysis, or take both courses. The entire program requires a workload of approximately 80 hours. Remember, all of these courses are also a lot of fun. Besides engaging lecture videos and interesting homework assignments, you will learn through peer interaction. This includes using personal online study journals that you can use, share and follow.

Communication lies at the heart of any good employee, colleague or company leader. But how do you collect ideas in a team? How do you make these ideas heard? How do you convince coworkers, clients or investors that your ideas are great?

The first module from our Business Communication Programme is comprised of two courses: In “Visual Thinking for Business”, WHU professor Christoph Hienerth teaches you the art of using visuals to brainstorm ideas, develop concepts and present them in a visual form. Next, you will take the course “Presentation Skills for Business” in order to improve the way you speak and present to an audience.

Once you’ve learned to be a great communicator, it's time to take it to your customers! In order to get a certificate, you only need to attend one of these two courses, although you are welcome to take both:
  • a) Engage with your target audience in “Digital Marketing Leadership”, and learn everything about the complex world of branding, channels, customer journeys and how to make optimal use of digital marketing tools.
  • **OR**
  • b) Understand what your customers need by analysing relevant data. In the course “Predictive Analysis in Commerce” you will learn key techniques that use data analytics to increase customer happiness and maximise revenue.

What You Get: Discover Your Excellent Programme Benefits

Obtaining a degree in Business Communication at a business school can easily range from 5,000-100,000€. On average, a 10-hour on-site seminar in business communication costs about 1,200€. For a fraction of the price, you can get certified with an organised curriculum of high-quality courses designed to give you a solid foundation in the subject. It is online, making it flexible for your busy life, and opening you up to a global community of other professionals to exchange and interact with.

If you subscribe to the Complete or Extended Programme, you will finish with a final project. Your final project will give you the opportunity to show what you have learned in your courses. This way you will have something tangible to take away from the Programme - for yourself and to share with current and future employers.

Your final project will consist of a video presentation. In this presentation, you will be required to show your visual thinking and presentation skills acquired in Module 1. You will be asked to do this by including visual elements and filming yourself during your presentation. Your presentation topic will be based on your chosen course from Module 2. This way you will be able to prove your skills in all three courses.

We recommend that you complete all courses before starting your final project. However, you can begin as soon as you are taking your third course. You can turn in your final project as early as May 2016. It will then be evaluated by an expert in your chosen field, who will provide a written evaluation.

Upon completion of the Complete or Extended Programme, you will receive a graded certificate. With the certificate, you will receive an official document validating and outlining your course successful participation. To receive your certificate, the only requirements are:
  • An 80% completion rate of all three courses necessary for your project.
  • Handing in your final project and successfully passing the evaluation.
Once your receive your certificate, it will display:
  • Your curriculum, including the completion rate of your courses. The more you learn, the more will be displayed.
  • Your final project in the form of the title and a short description of your project as well as a hyperlink to your video presentation and, if you wish, the corresponding assessment from the evaluating expert.

The courses are offered by senior educators from a unique mix of leading institutions from both academia and the industry:

Prof. Dr. Hienerth
Alexandra Maratchi Legrain
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Seitz
Steven Kraal
Chair of Entrepreneurship and New Business Development
Co-founder & CEO of Homuork
Professor for Marketing, Media and Digital Industries
Principal consultant at VODW

By subscribing to the Business Communication Programme you get access to a community of employees from leading European companies. Connect with like-minded professionals and grow your network with others passionate about learning and striving to receive a well-rounded education in key business areas.

iversity is recognised by major players in business. This is why Google and Shell declared iversity a Lighthouse Project in Higher Education (Consensus Award). This is why Deutsche Bank awarded iversity the 2015 Landmark in the Land of Ideas award. And this is why we initiated a corporate partnership with KPMG, one of the big four auditors worldwide.

Your Programme: Choose The Programme That Best Fits Your Needs

Which offer do you prefer? View your options below and subscribe to the programme of your choice. Are you already enrolled in one or more of the PRO courses offered? Contact our Course Services team ( and they will provide you with your personal upgrade offer.

Want to subscribe in the Basic Programme?

Here’s what you get:

All Course Access   Full Customer Support
Gain access to 4 PRO courses normally priced at 399€ each. Watch 5+ hours of high-definition lecture videos, use 40+ hours of study materials and 15+ hours of additional resources. Test yourself in 80+ quizzes, connect with the Programme community and share your progress in your learning journal.   Whether your are sharing your questions in the forum, contacting us via email or calling us for more information, our Customer Support team will be happy to help you. We will smooth out any problems right away, so that you can completely focus on your learning experience.
Final Project   Programme Certificate
Your final project will consist of a video presentation, which you will create to show the skills you've acquired in the Programme. Your presentation will be evaluated by an expert in your chosen field from Module 2. The evaluation will include a written evaluation of your work.   Once you complete the Programme, you will receive a programme certificate. This is an official document validating and outlining your successful participation. It will show your curriculum, your final project, incl. title, description and a hyperlink to your video presentation.
Expert Training Session
You will have two 90-minute sessions with an expert from the Business Communication Programme. In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to get valuable tips, ask burning questions and receive additional feedback on your project. Your sessions will be scheduled according to availability.

1399 €*
* Our prices include VAT

Visual Thinking im Job – Zeig was du denkst!


Presentation Skills for Business

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