PRO Skills Bundle: Present and Visualise

Learn essential techniques needed to excel in Presentations & Business Meetings. Save 25% when you purchase these two PRO courses, expertly designed to improve your business skills.

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Become a Presentation & Visualisation Expert

Imagine the situation. It’s the day of your important presentation at work, you walk confidently into the room and give a convincing and well-structured presentation to your colleagues and clients. Your body language is positive yet lively, your voice steady and clear. At the end of your presentation, you field questions from your audience. Questions that you quickly interpret and visualise on the whiteboard to back up your argument. The presentation ends, your colleagues are amazed at your eloquence and how convincing you were. Your team lead gives you great feedback and asks for your input in the next big project.

How the Bundle Works

In this PRO bundle, you will be taught the essential skills needed to make this situation a reality. Starting with "Presentation Skills for Business”, our team of leading experts will guide you on a journey to delivering top, professional presentations. From structuring powerpoint slides, to a body language audit, this course will provide you with the techniques and resources needed to prepare and deliver convincing, persuasive and effective presentations.

Once you have mastered these aspects of presenting in the business setting, you will move on to the Silicon Valley inspired course - “Visual Thinking for Business” from leading business school, the WHU. This is a course designed to make sure your presentation is seen, heard and remembered. By learning how to integrate visual communication elements into your slides and improving your ability to visualise and solve problems you will become more convincing and your arguments more easily understood.

Key Skills Bundle: 2 Pro Courses at a 25% discount

We are offering you a discounted bundle: purchase both Presentation Skills for Business and Visual Thinking for Business and save 25% on the individual course price.

After successfully completing each course, you will receive a Statement of Participation to highlight your success and new found skills .

These courses are both self-paced. You may purchase the bundle and complete the courses at any time you wish.


Presentation Skills for Business


Visual Thinking for Business - Make Your Point