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Zach Davis

Leading Change III – Understanding change on all levels

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What is the course about?

What does this course consist of?

The course includes high-quality learning videos, reflections, a quiz at the end of all the units and an Easy Guide with all the Key Facts, as well as a participation certificate.

How is the course built?

Each unit contains a video, which gives you an overview of the topic. For a deeper understanding and enduring learning, a reflection is provided at the end of each unit. Finally, you can download an Easy Guide with all the Key Facts of the course.

What will you learn?

Do you want to achieve a deep understanding of change at the organizational level? Discover the many layers of change, learn to communicate with specific target groups on specific occasions and begin to use your role as a change agent through this course.

For further understanding of the topic of 'Change' we offer the courses Leading Change I and Leading Change III. In Leading Change I you get to know the emotional curve of change processes, how to establish stability in unstable phases and use clear structures to shape the change actively and in a positive way. In the second Leading Change course you discover the benefit of regular and clear communication as the key to success and you learn how to use the 8 phases of change by John Kotter.
The courses are offered independently and do not build on each other. You are therefore free to choose from the topics which spark the biggest interest.

What is the target audience?

This course is designed for young as well as more experienced executives and also persons (for example human resource developers and organizational developers), who accompany change processes. Concrete strategies for certainty in action during turbulent phases are included.


Resistance during change
„I don't understand"
„I don't like it"
„I don't like you"
Understanding change on all levels
The factual level in organizations
The emotional level in organizations
The factual level in teams
The emotional level in teams
The factual level in employees
The emotional level in employees
People are unpredictable – the systemic loop
Your role as change agent


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