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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Fries

Professor of Digital Signal Processing, Department of Engineering, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden

Georg Fries studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt, where he also received a Ph.D. degree in speech signal processing. Today he is giving lectures on discrete-time signal processing and video technology. Here he has gained significant experience in modelling signal processing concepts in MATLAB. He has worked on multimodal interaction, digital signal processors and text-to-speech. His current interests concern digital photography and active loudspeakers.

Georg Fries's courses

Digital Arts
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What is the course about? What are Digital Arts? Questions to the digital. Digital Arts focus on art that engages with, uses and is impacted by the digital. This course doesn’t focus on technology bu…

Modelling and Simulation using Simulink
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The main objective of this MOOC is to teach you how to use of Simulink® as a simulation tool suitable for a broad variety of application domains. We will specifically focus on topics of interaction o…

Vehicle Dynamics I: Accelerating and Braking
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Course Summary In this first part of Vehicle Dynamics, we illuminate the longitudinal dynamic aspects of vehicles. Clear and brief: acceleration and braking. In Detail: After an introduction, we wil…

Modelling and Simulation using MATLAB®
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Course Summary Modelling and simulation make a particular part of the world easier to define, visualize and understand. Both require the identification of relevant aspects of a situation in the real…