L’Oréal uses iversity MOOC “Public Speaking” to train employees

Berlin, 2 March 2015 – Today 160 employees from L'Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, voluntarily completed the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Public Speaking”, provided by Homuork, an ed-tech company specialised in MOOC development, and offered via the MOOC platform iversity.org.

Companies using MOOCs as a corporate training measure support iversity’s business model as well as proves that online education is an affordable way for working professionals to build marketable skills.

The Public Speaking MOOC was developed by the education provider Homuork in collaboration with Professor Joan Francesc Cánovas from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. Throughout the course, 25,000 participants went through a series of training units that taught the preparation, structure, rehearsal and delivery of a public speech. Everyone who acquired a certificate had to submit a video presentation that was then peer-reviewed by fellow participants and graded by the instructors.
Laurent Reich, Learning Practice International Director at L'Oréal, comments: “We decided to choose the MOOC Public Speaking as a first pilot for two reasons: iversity seemed to us a very user-friendly platform and the topic, Public Speaking, is really important at L’Oréal. The 160 L’Oréal learners who participated in the Public Speaking MOOC were enthusiastic about the course’s outcome. Homuork provided learners with high-quality course content that was fun and engaging. This experience allows us to see the potential of MOOCs for offering a learning format to everyone and create a learning community.”

“Student feedback has been amazing“, states Alexandra Maratchi, CEO at Homuork, who lead the course and dynamised the community. “MOOCs are definitely becoming an excellent educational choice for big companies, offering higher quality standards than traditional e-learning at lower costs. More and more HR departments are requesting us to plot personalised learning paths through MOOCs for skills acquisition. That’s a game-changing opportunity.”

The French cosmetic giant is the first corporate client to offer the Public Speaking course to its employees and pay for their certificates for the price of €99 each. iversity CEO Hannes Klöpper comments: "We are excited to see online education gain traction in the business world. Online trainings are going to become a key component of any corporate human resource development strategy. We see this as a promising first step on the path to further develop our business model.”

Please find more information about the Public Speaking MOOC here.

About iversity

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About Homuork

Homuork is a Barcelonan ed-tech company specialised in providing MOOC and SPOC (Small Private Online Courses) solutions for companies, universities and public institutions, focusing on learners’ engagement and enhancing educational experiences. Their client portfolio includes major companies such as Danone, Ricoh or Unibail-Rodamco.

About L’Oréal HR Learning

At L’Oréal, learning is considered as a formidable strategic lever. Every day we aim to offer our learners a unique learning experience through different pedagogical methods: seminars with digital tools, on-the-job activities, online modules on our LMS platform, external content including MOOCs. All of this is linked to one of our main engagements: Learning for All.