Alexandra Maratchi Legrain, Xavier Orri Badia, and Alba Cros Pellisé

Public Speaking MOOC - Join the Talk & Spread the Word

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About this course

Course Summary

Join the Talk & Spread the Word' is a course developed by Homuork in collaboration with professor Joan Francesc Cánovas from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona and other Public Speaking experts, that aims to explain techniques and provide resources that will aid you in preparing your presentations and delivering ideas convincingly.

Our public speaking is a key element of how we are perceived, both in professional and private environments: that is why it is so scary! For 6 weeks, participants will submerge themselves in the world of public speaking analyzing famous speeches through TED videos, political interventions or business gurus), will work on their individual weak spots, and improve drastically while having fun. Moreover, you’ll have the ability to put your learnings in practice during the 1st Elevator Pitch Contest, which will be held in Spring 2015 in Barcelona!

Alexandra Maratchi (Homuork CEO) will lead the course, guiding you along a variety of techniques that help prepare, structure, rehearse and deliver a great speech. In addition, international experts and coaches in communication like Jeremey Donovan, Sebastian Lora and Jean-Roch Michel will jump in on various occasions to share their research, illustrate techniques and ensure you get a well-rounded view of the success factors in public speaking.

The course is taught in English, but there will be subtitles to help our MOOCers. The total workload will be about 2h/week, dedicated to watching video lectures, taking quizzes and completing recommended exercises.

What do I learn?

The course enables participants to learn tricks and tips to enhance their presentations and therefore feel comfortable while presenting. In addition to taking the course and exchanging with peers, we expect participants to develop an understanding of different communication styles which they can subsequently apply to their daily conversations.

What do I need to know?

No prior knowledge is necessary to take this course.

Course Structure

Chapter 1 - Discover your communicative style
 Available: 13.01.2015

Unit 1 - My experience
Unit 2 - What makes a good presentation?

Unit 3.1 - Communicative styles of your audience

Unit 3.2 - Personal communicative audit - exercise

Chapter 2 - Structure your presentation
 Available: 19.01.2015

Unit 1 - Meet your audience
Unit 2.1 - Preparation technique 1: 6 w's

Unit 2.2 - Preparation technique 2: Visual mapping
Unit 2.3 - Preparation technique 3: Communication circle

Unit 3 - Reason & argue or how to win your battles

Chapter 3 - Write and design your presentation Available: 26.01.2015

Unit 1 - Tell us a story
Unit 2 - Be funny
Unit 3.1 - Write well

Unit 3.2 - Write well: rhetorical resources
Unit 4 - Be elegant or how to prepare your visuals
Bonus track: elevator pitch

Chapter 4 - Rehearse your presentation
 Available: 02.02.2015

Unit 1 - Practice makes excellence

Unit 2.1 - Prepare for rehearsal

Unit 2.2 - Train your diction

Unit 3.1 - Set the tone & speed

Unit 3.2 - Set the tone & speed - exercise

Chapter 5 - Deliver your presentation Available: 09.02.2015

Unit 1 – Talkative bodies

Unit 2 - Use the space

Unit 3 - Stress management
Unit 3.1 - Neuro Linguistic Programming applied to Public Speaking fear
Unit 4 - Get dressed


Approximately 2 hours per week for watching lecture videos and completing quizzes and homework assignments.