Erhard Jenei

Create videos like a pro: Basics

  • 24 min
  • English
  • Conception

À propos du cours

Due to the Internet, online video platforms and affordable cameras, it has become easier than ever to adress a wide array of people. The quality of homemade content competes with film and TV, which leads to diversity, but also to complexity and a multitude of choices for the viewer. If you want to get the attention of the viewer, it is vital to offer a great quality, not only substentially, but also visually and acoustically. This course focuses on the last two.

What will I learn?

At the end of the course, you will know

  • how to enhance your background and position yourself in the frame
  • how to adjust the settings on your phone or camera for filming
  • how to improve the sound quality and reduce background noise
  • how to establish a pleasant lighting

Who should take this course?

Everyone, who aims to improve the quality of his or hers video courses. It is an easy-to-learn tutorial for shooting videos at home with a small budget.

What do I need?

The equipment will be mentioned in the respective units, here is the list in advance:

  • a smartphone or camera (Full HD)
  • two desk lamps
  • tripod (ca. 10€-20€)
  • clip mic / lavalier mic (ca. 15€)
  • various lights and lamps for the background

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