Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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In 2014 there has been a pick in the number of children trying to cross the US-Mexico border. This has provoked heated debates on the relevance on a human rights framework when looking at migrations from South to North America.
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The Child protection - can it stan alone


The migration happens continually in human history, actually we can say that the human history is much of about migration history.

The protection of children seems to me always a half-way solution, because the natural way of preotection child's that they are living with their loving and caring parentsi. I think children could not be protected child without the protection of their parents. I think the issue of children and parents are one issue, and same issue with two sides. It can be just artificially separated.

For me, it is perfectly understandable that the population host countries do not want a lot of migrants. because they are also in a miserable position. They works too lot, and got to spend much time until they got to ork, and after that home. And at home they can not find harmony because advertising kills their brains, and because the accounts, loans, because about worry about their children etc.

I think the handling of migration should have changes.

It would be important for the future migrants to see realistic picture of the target countries. To for example the situation in USA. That it is not only the Academy Awards, but also the slums, sometimes collapsing bridges, a country of armed violence. They should know about Europe also what is real, for example. Norway is not only known because of wealth, but also by long, cold rains, cloudy skies, and that it is the country of long winters, or that a German citizen must work a lot and precisely to work to have the car, while he also meets a stupid advertisements that bombards people's brains, and finally that the big part of population is not happy with what thay have.

The main issue of solution the migration problem to make life worth to be lived everywhere in the globe.

But this leads us to a deeper problem. Because we are living in a cruel "eats up everything society", which is the same problem of the host countries inhabitant and for for migrants to

The children plays a role in this story, in a way that they know nothing about it.

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