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In my experience of being exposed to different types of learning formats, such as webinars, Web base training, Computer based training, video based training and Mass Opn Online Courses. 

Howerver, i think the web based training still takes lead.


It is repeatable and always available to learners for more detailed information as and when required. It can be used to teach a lot of people at once or a different/interval times. It is easy to access and convinient with times of learning compared to others types of learning.


The WBT would basically have one major challenge would be the intranet or internet connection as it would cause the web not able to fulfil and this might take unecessary time. thaough, we'd see WBT as the better accessible system it may also hinder some who'd prefer to learn away from work where one would need to have a VPN access to the intranent and if from their space there isn't a goods reception coverage,etc. It may also take long for learners to get answers to their arising questions.


For many learners or trainees, distance or independent learning maybe a discouraging as some people are not too keen with technology and therefore, maybe boring to do some learning on their own. We constantly need to study the tendencies of the young and adult behaviour towards WEB learning or Training.


Technological advancement is becoming a daily life for most of us but also a challenge for stereotype minds who cannot easily adapt to immerging and changing world. I still recommend that WBT and VBT can both work well as digital learning formats to accommodate everyone in the work place as part of active learning.But, MOOC strategy and movement is a passive way of teaching and training as the support is great. It feels as if you are plowing a new world order that will be used by those who finds it worth to adopt.

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