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Create a journal entry: Engaging with art


How does engaging with art help us to better understand Chinese society?

Share your experiences and have a look a the journals of other participants.
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Looking at China through Art

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In a country with limited freedom of speech like China, art is a good way to understand better it's society. Imagine what being broadcasted on TV and what being published on newspaper Or even on internet are censored by the government. TV Channels and publishers are state owned, information received by the public are very much controlled by the government. Local people, no matter famous or not, they could express their mind and situation through artworks. Artworks become a good way for people to express what is happening in the society. This in fact applies every where, not just in China. If you look through the background of the artist, you can gain a lot from a piece of art.

An artwork by Wang Xing Wei


This is very true. Coming from East Germany and having lived in the Soviet Union I always felt a certain similarity and familiarity in China. Art is a means to express and to understand the social situation and condition in a country. This is how Uli Sigg collected it and how we study it here.

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