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Chapter 4 Journal Activity

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Stonehenge - A Cultural Influence?


I fear this chapter is going to let me down. Not being an 'Arty Farty' type person, my views are going to be a little devoid of enthusiasm.

I was unaware of the Stonehenge influence in Bath, although not being British this shouldn't be a sin. However, I am not convinced just anyone could look at The Circus and think Stonehenge.

Using Stonehenge as an influence for painting, I can fully understand. Listening to the course I find myself doodling stone pillars and lintels, not very good ones, but a good artist can recreate the mystery of Stonehenge in the painting or drawing, intentionally or not, putting forward their own particular stance on the site.

The same for fiction, what a magnificent setting for the right storyline. Thomas Hardy nailed that one.

Although, I would consider Stonehenge a bigger influence now, than earlier times. With our ever improving technology allowing data to flow internationally, and the ease of access for tourists Stonehenge is a definite "bucket lister" for the traveller to the British Isles.

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