Why Do People Migrate? Part 2: Theories

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Read carefully this chapter. You will find a summary of the main migration theories and some criticism to the current state of the art.

Do you agree with the author that we should have one unifying theory of migration? What would be the pros and cons of going that way?

Write your opinion in your journal! and don't forget that you can also look what others' have written in their journal and give your comments.

One theory vs. many theories of migration


A unifying theory of migration would attempt to encompass the different extant theories in order to simplify analysis and study and propose frameworks to understand new migration cases. Aside from simplicity and the freedom to develop sub-theories and off-shoot tailored assumptions and analyses, a unifying theory has no other evident advantages.

On the other hand, there is a lot to be said for having a wide array of theories of migration which do not necessarily contradict with other on a universal scale. Those theories are mostly valid in a certain number of cases at the macro-level, and none of them is entirely universal. The possibility to develop new theories of migration to cover new forms of migration that develop is always there, whether there is a unifying theory or not.

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