Corporate Digital Learning

16 Mar 2016, 12:22 AM
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Share Your Story! ☝

My Digital Learning Story so far...


The only formal digital learning that I have done online has been through iversity. My first iversity course was on Gamification Design, and I enjoyed it so much that I am now on my 7th course.

I have also been involved in creating a digital learning course, where I found out that it is not an easy thing to write a script for a video that sounds good when read aloud by a presenter. I also found that printed learning materials and video learning materials need to be written in two very different ways to be effective.

From my own experiences in taking the iversity courses, I learned the following:

Many short videos interspersed with quizzes and exercises works well. Including a transcript of each video makes it easier to absorb the information (at least for me).

Submitting longer assignments within the specified time limit is challenging. It can also be challenging to accommodate the European time zone when I live in Pacific Time -- especially the timing of any live events like webinars. Not having visuals in the transcripts leaves something lacking.

I find a combination of video and transcript to be the most effective.

Include key diagrams, graphics, and images from the videos would be helpful (I tend to add them myself by going back through the videos and creating screen captures which I insert into the transcripts after I have converted them and compiled them into a Word document).

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