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My corporate digital learning experience

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its 20 years I am in to learning and development worked in various capacities and witnessed a drastic change in how newer learning methodologies are developed and used as per the requirements of the time. Its more than 5 years now that we are using learning management system in our organisation. Also have introduced many digital learning methods like vilt, mobile learning , social learning and moocs.

Success: Due to introduction of lms we are able to meet the requirements of learners spread across wide geography of the country as well as to our learners at offshore locations. Able to reach more than 0.2million learners consists of direct employees and distributors. So reach , scalability, tracking of learning of each learners were some of the critical benefits were derived from digital learning.

Challenges: Digital illiteracy, technological challenges, keeping continuous motivation among learners to go online and learn, creating high class engaging content with restricted budgets and in some cases sabotage by your own team member having fear of being extinct .

Learning: Going digital is now not an option but a compulsion as the organisation is moving towards digitization in every sphere and also the new millennium workforce is joining the organisation who want every information on their tips and they need the knowledge when they actually need it that is just in time.

Recommendations: Mix of digital and human interaction is the need of the hour. Clearly defined learning outcomes align to business strategy which ensures performance and then defining the learning Strategy encompassing digital learning will be an effective solution.


almost 3 years ago

I agree your recommendation, that personal interaction is important for learners. Feedback and the chance to ask questions, discuss topics will always be an important milestone in a learning setting.

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