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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

When the Stonehenge was built and why


The stonehenge was built between 2600 to 2400 BC, when the major structure was built. It has a 33m diameter horse shoe shape structure. Each sarsen stone weighs about 25 tons. They are laid in a circular fashion with a gap of about 1m. They stand tall at about 4.1m and wide 2.5m. The thickness is about 1.2 m.

The purpose is believed to be a burial ground. Human bones dating back to 3000 BC has been found. The stonehenge belongs to the neolithic period.

It sounds convincing as in Egypt the Pyramids were also built as burial ground for the Egyptian pharoahs. One point is the ancient people spent their energy either in building monuments for worship or for similar things like burial ground in token of respect for their ancestor. So, either the stonehenge could be a location of worship or burial. Looks both could be possible. The neolithic people could have worshipped Sun and the moon during their eclipses or similar such occasions.

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