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Gamification for Martina!

Do you remember Martina from chapter 2?

enter image description here enter image description here

You already defined her learning objectives.
You helped her create a culture of learning.
Now it is time, to think about gamification for her online training and learning. How can you add game elements and motivate her in her learning journey?

Need some inspiration for this journal exercise?

1) Article by John Hagel and John Seely Brown on how the online game World of Warcraft can help promote innovation - even on the job.

2) Knowledge@Wharton writes about how to use gamification in the health care sector in this article published on business insider.

3) Remember the example in our main material from HP? Here is the article by Chanin Ballance to read up upon their case.

4) is a Volkswagen initiative that wants to show how easy it is to support and engage people in simple tasks such as bottle recycling or respecting the speed control.

5) Or watch this video by Khan Academy, explaining some of their gamification elements on their platform:

Video by CenterScene

We are excited to see how we can all help Martina out.

Game elements to motivate Martina in her learning journey

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Summative learning exercise (A) on job-required management concepts with gaming based on scores, and
Experiential learning exercise (B) based on application of the learned management concepts using role playing and scenarios:

A. Title: Are you a 5-star manager?
3 sets of MCQ on -
1. Leadership theories
2. Decision making / problem solving models / theories
3. Other management concepts including communication and delegation

Each game requires completion of all 3 sets - scores provide cumulative rating of 1 to 5 stars and corresponding title.

10 tries given with same questions - no answers given till completion of all tries of all 3 sets to ensure maximum effort is put to self learning of all concepts.

B. Title: You are a new manager in Fantasy business world. Play the following scenarios (which are based on real-life case studies on Earth) and make yourself into a Super Manager.
1. Delegation - you and your 3 staff have different capabilities and a lot of work piled up. Try to delegate your immense workload and finish as much of your work as possible by the end of week.
2. Team building - You have a team with 3 other people (4 in total). All of you are motivated in different ways and can be either poorly motivated, work to time or be highly motivated. You own motivation level is the average of the other 3. The % of work completed each week by each one is based on the level motivation. As head of team you have x units of each motivation resource M, N and Q. At the beginning of each day you can motivate you staff using the available resources. How much work can your team finish in 1 week.
3. Problem solving - full case study - solve problem (being developed)

If Martina does well in all three she can become a Super Manager.

Game set B can be played as many times as required - a report will be generated after each time highlighting or exploring any weaknesses and strengths displayed during the game.


almost 3 years ago

I really like the Super Manager Fantasy idea. By imagining herself in a different scenario, Martina could get a healthy distance to her own environment and maybe will be able to better apply her learnings.

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