Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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»Protection seekers are usually unable to ask the authorities of a potential host country for permission to travel. The only route to claiming asylum is to set foot in the country and submit an…

Is Australia's "Pacific solution" violating human rights?

Sabine Hiller, 02 Jun 16

»On the "economic cost" of hosting refugees in Europe Statements like “we can’t afford it”, “they will drive wages down” or “they’ll take our jobs” seem to be a standard response of many Europ…

On the "economic cost" of hosting refugees in Europe

Sabine Hiller, 29 May 16

»Large numbers of people are stuck in often inadequate conditions in overcrowded camps in Greece and elsewhere. Last year, EU member states agreed to take in 160,000 people stranded in Greece …

How a solidarity approach would enhance EU asylum policies

Sabine Hiller, 23 May 16

»Smuggling networks have to operate from locations where their activities are not unduly hindered by institutional countermeasures. For example, seizures of boats and other military and diploma…

Describe the role of criminal organizations in shaping the preferences of migrants towards specific migratory routes

Sabine Hiller, 20 May 16

»Imagine two Eritreans, presenting with the same life stories and the same experiences of persecution, in need of the same degree of protection. Unlike their friends they manage to escape acros…

Who creates a refugee?

Sabine Hiller, 05 May 16

»Why do policy makers draw a distinction between migrants that are 'forced' to leave and those that 'voluntarily' do so? Why is this important for policies? How has this distinction informed th…

Forced versus voluntary migration - response to chapter by Liza Schuster

Sabine Hiller, 23 Apr 16