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Explaining is difficult, but you can do it

What are you an expert in? In which topic do you ALWAYS have the last word and most up to date information? Be it football, fashion, politics or astrophysics, choose your topic and either talk or write about it.

Oh, and I forgot to mention one small detail: what you are saying is aimed at your 90 year old neighbour who knows NOTHING about it at all so ... Be as clear and engaging as you can!

We are looking forward to learning about your topic in the journal!



Good morning Richard,

have you seen last football match yesterday night?
well it was terrific!
in the last 40 years football has changed a lot and it is still changing but the rules are remained more or less the same.
there are more referees then before, to control better the game, but more important, there is a foam spray which the referees use to sign were the defenders have to be when a free kick is going to be kicked. this because in the past players used to reduce the distance between them and the ball moving slowly when the referee was not looking. in this way the referee make a white line on the grass and the defenders can't across that line. after 3 minutes this foam will disappear. is it a fantastic idea right?

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