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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

Story reflection part 2


New success - The discovery of new platforms and tech. Platforms and delivery systems are improving, not only are they cheaper but they are more easy to configure and accept higher quality content without coding.
New challenges - The challenges remain in that time flor learning is the major obstruction, access for all, opportunity in the face of work demands and finding training at the right level which genuinely engages the learner will continue to be a preventative factor.
New Learning - Organisation and creating a learning plan is just as important as platform selection, content creation and assessment/feedback. This will create a higher uptake of the content and materials.
Recommendations - Create an integrated approach, explain that learning is not an adjunct but a component of the work week. Success nly follows engagement and that is only acheived by a full understanding that time and resource must be given in order for any training strategy to reach its goals.

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