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My story in Digital Learning


Successes - I've been working with Virtual Learning Environments for a while, and I observed, based on the users' feedbacks (instructors and students), that using technology in learning really makes a difference in the transfer of knowledge, and makes the process easier and more attractive for them.
Challenges - Everything that is new causes certain initial resistance, and it was not different with the systems with I worked. It's necessary a gradual work of engagement of the users, that requires a lot of patience, but it's worth in the end.
Learnings - A great learning that I had was to provide resources that meet the characteristics of learning of a very diverse audience, so we tried to guarantee that everybody, since the digital immigrant to the tech savvy have this needs met.
Recommendations - I work with Moodle, and I recommend it a lot, for who intends to use a LMS, since it has the most quantity of resources and most active community.


almost 3 years ago

resistance is one the core challenges that I always meet as well when the digital learning initiative is a new thing in the environment that I am trying to bring in. I see resistance as a positive thing because it includes a lot of energy and I think needs to be listened first rather than dealt with.
In Chapter 3 during the webinar I will elaborate more in detail on the resistance issue coming from both learners and developers.

almost 3 years ago

Yannis, thank you for your comment, this is really a good way to view resistance, I'll keep that in mind! Looking forward the details about this topic =)

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