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Journal Exercise: #140characterchallenge

Write down the biggest challenge you have faced in the context of (corporate) digital learning and share it with the course in your journal (make sure your settings are not set to private). Write it in the form of a short twitter post or text message and find a hashtag for it. Maybe you also have a picture or an image related to it? Upload your text with a nice visual and make sure to check and give feedback on other journal entries as well.

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Journal Exercise: #140 biggest challenge


The biggest challenge to my opinion is to attain commitment at all levels and reduce resistance to change in order to maximize the DL impact on the strategic goals and on competitive advantage. I thing is most challenged than attain a short term ROI. Time intervals is also significant challenge since most people are fully occupied with day to day operations and on their spare time have many personal and family obligations. Thus the learning program must be very well targeted and structured to minimize the time needed in order to attain the learning targets with the available means.


almost 3 years ago

I agree. It is also important to have individual learning goals aligned with his/her project goals. L&D teams must walk the talk and help employees constantly upskill themselves. In fact, online courses are ideally suited for this.

almost 3 years ago

L&Development benefits will be seen on the medium to long run. L&D must have a positive impact on corporate internal strengths in order for corporation to take advantage of opportunities. Thus its important to be aligned with the strategic goals. Ex todays banking and utilities environment is full of regulation which oblige firms to adopt techniques not previously known to the company. L&D must provide all necessary support to enable adoption (techniques) and adaptation to the new regulated environment. The sooner the adaptation the more the strategic distance the firm will gain in relation to those who are not flexible. In this process hardly someone will find a positive return but strategically the advantage will increase the medium to L-T profitability like all investments.

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