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Share Your Story! ☝

Assignment 1: Share your Story


According to the format given:
1. Successes: I attended many MOOC's courses in Coursera, Iversity and EdX for Financial Engineering, Risk Management, Matlab, Simulation and Energy & Environment from which I got relevant certification... But most of all I gained significant experience about how top of the pop universities work and how top of the pop professor and Nobelists taught their lessons ex. like Robert Shiller, Cochrance, Black, Derman... and also having online discussions through hangouts... Believe me those were unique opportunities to study the way those people think and approach their subjects.
2. Challenges: the most difficult is not about the tools to implement BUT to achieve alignment with the strategic and tactic goals of the corporation as well as having immediate and direct impact on the special environment to which people are working. If this can be achieved than motivation will follow. Moreover knowledge gets nowadays quickly Obsolete and someone has to update continuously the teaching material. Finally time management is a very important topic. The rest are very well given in the relevant pdf presentation in week1.
3. Learning: to implement a hypertext way of teaching-learning through the gamification approach in order for everyone to go from the generic to specific from the easy to indepth.
4. Recommendation: Please study the strategic alignemnt model: Manufacturing Strategies and Financial Performance in International Journal of Management Science (OMEGA) v36, 2008. Also "Business Strategy, structure and information Technology Alignment in Encyclopedia of Information Science and TEchnology, vol5, Idea pub. Strategic Information Systems Alignment in IT based Management Challenges and Solutions by Luiz Antonio IDEA 2003.
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