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»First, test it by being the user. Use your digital prototype in the context of the usecase you designed for. So, if the application you designed would be used in the context of a supermarket, …

usability test with your prototype

Nyeem Ahamed Khan, 14 Aug 17

»In this week’s assignment you need to take your prototype to the next level: from a relatively low fidelity paper prototype to a high fidelity digital prototype. Share your digital prototype w…

New Gen Photos

Nyeem Ahamed Khan, 14 Aug 17

»This week, you will turn your storyboard from last week into a paper prototype. Taking the sketches you made as a starting point, create a paper prototype representing a specific task a typica…

Language of Photos

Nyeem Ahamed Khan, 14 Aug 17

»Think of a solution that contains a smartphone or a tablet. Envision the working of the service/product in a storyboard. Show in the storyboard: What the user experience looks like How the s…

Photos have story

Nyeem Ahamed Khan, 14 Aug 17