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Assignment #2: Paper prototype

Week 2: generating and designing ideas for an interface with a paper prototype.
This week, you will turn your storyboard from last week into a paper prototype. Taking the sketches you made as a starting point, create a paper prototype representing a specific task a typical user will carry out. If you can, also do a simple test with your prototype with someone in your neighbourhood, record and use the feedback from the test to improve your design. Iterate as much as possible!

Iterate on your concept, using the feedback you got from your peers.
Analyse which role the mobile device has in the user journey.
Now sketch out three different ideas for interfaces.
Get feedback on your sketches / paper prototypes from your peers

Upload your paper prototypes, and a description
Deliverable: pictures (pdf / jpeg) and some text

Paper prototype "Second Books"

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-These are the first interfaces of the app. The first one is the cover with the logo "SB" and the button "Log in".

-The second one represents our own profile with two options: "My books" and "My orders". At least, we can find a book or post a book.

  • The third one is the interface of "My books". Here they appear those books posted by us, with its titles and a description below.enter image description here


about 2 years ago
  • The fourth one is the interface of "My orders". Here they appear those books who are posted by other people and are available for an exchange.

  • The fifth one is the option which allow us to find a book. It has filters by genre, author or even proximity between the owner of the book and us.

  • And the last one, is the option which allow us to post our own books. It allow us to add a photo, a description, the title, genre, name of the author and also the name of the owner.enter image description here

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