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Art appreciation in an unfree society?


Jezreel Calmor asked this question. Valid point, indeed. Apart from my statement on this subject in the webinar last week I drop here a few images showing critical Chinese art reflecting the social change in the country.
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over 2 years ago

Hello, Mr. Schindhelm,
When I watched the installation art “10 Mayors in the grassland” collected by Mr. Uli Sigg, i thought it interesting and realistic. Maybe others have own ideas based on their cultural backgrounds. Recently more and more Chinese people begin to focus on arts, not only CCA. Personally, they have many different purposes. Art could be a collection, be an investment, be a financial tool, and be a gift to friends, etc. I really have no idea, to which extent people really appreciate arts in recent China.

Best Regards,
Na Cao

Dear Na Cao,

yes, contemporary art has become something fashionable and trendy in China. As well as it has become trendy in other parts of the world. In the West this has happened earier. And yes, collecting as investment is as vital as collecting out of love or research or public interest. You may find that contemporary art has become a problematic business as obviously it is less regulated than other businesses and therefore attracts not only people with sincere intentions. However, I do believe that the interest in contemporary art among the younger generation (as in the West) has grown thanks to the fact that art is seen as a tool for public (and maybe political) communication.

over 2 years ago

Dear Mr. Schindhelm,
thank you for the comment. Yes, the Price of arts only depends on how much People would like to pay for it, without any standards to be valorized. In China, the enthusiasm of younger generation on arts becomes continuously increased affected by globalization and great economy development. Someone consumes arts mainly according to his personal preference. Someone develops an art foundation to create a platform to make more people involved in art worlds. Someone opens a gallery to specially support young talents. I think the growth rate of this tendency will be improved nowadays.
Na Cao

Indeed, I believe so, too. In fact, just looking at art universities in the West and observe how many Chines students have enrolled... Many of them will go back to China one day...

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