Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

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Read this article and share your views with colleagues. Is the Australian "Pacific solution" against human rights? What do you think of Nauru and the other "prison islands"?

As always, you can share your view by writing in your own journal, but also commenting on what others have written.

Australian Pacific Solution


On one had it is understandable why Australia would take the stand it has taken. The 'Pacific Solution' has worked to a certain extent. It has kept migrants from seeking to come to Australia. The prospect of being stuck in a camp on an island for years awaiting processing keeps the migrants from coming in large numbers. However, the some 200 people the Australian government has ordered back to Nauru are being used as pawns for political reasons. They are being used as an example of how the system works and discourage others from seeking asylum in Australia. Since they are already in Australia they should be allowed to stay.

The use of these offshore camps is a humanitarian concern, but has worked for Australia. Solutions must be found in the countries that people choose to flee. Other countries cannot be expected to absorb entire populations from the countries people are fleeing.

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