Corporate Digital Learning

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»The course has been quite enlightening. I have new insights into how to determine worker needs. I also saw how digital learning could be individualized. It turns out this is a lot easier onlin…

After the Journey

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Maria Gladys Barrer, 05 May 16

»Oh great, she is learning and she is making the effort to apply what she learned. One thing, I think she should consider is that the learning is part of her work and not separate from it. As …

Martina's Dilema

Maria Gladys Barrer, 26 Mar 16

»I would put Martina's training objective as understanding and applying management skills. Her curriculum would include topics such as proper delegation, time management and decision-making. Fo…

Martina In Training

Maria Gladys Barrer, 26 Mar 16

»While I have worked with computers for so many years, digital learning is actually a new experience for me as a student. I have conducted so many training programs about how people can get on …

Digital Learning and Me

Maria Gladys Barrer, 15 Mar 16

»I like reading and writing. I put that line in most profiles. However, when it comes to digital learning, I believe that plain text does not really take advantage of the technology. Podcasts …

Digital Learning Delivery

Maria Gladys Barrer, 08 Mar 16

»The bigger challenges for us re digital learning are adaption and evaluation. Many still prefer paper copies over referencing digital content. Also, determining impact poses a real challenge

Digital Learning Challenge

Maria Gladys Barrer, 08 Mar 16