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Social housing: share your experience!

What are the criteria that your city or region follows to decide who is eligible to social housing?

Social Housing in Comunidad de Madrid


The principles to be eligible for the social housing in the Comunidad de Madrid territory are ruled under the region regulation Decreto 19/2006 and available at the following address:

In summary, they are the following:

  • Be of age or emancipated minor and not be incapacitated binding agreement.
  • Annual family income less than 3.5 times the Multiple Income Public Income Indicator (IPREM); a tool to calculate it is available at
  • None of the members of the family unit may have been awarded public housing in the Community of Madrid in the previous 20 years.
  • Not to be occupying a house or property, without sufficient title for it.
  • Not be a holder, none of the members of the applicant's family unit, of full ownership or of a real right of use or enjoyment over another dwelling in the entire national territory.
  • Proof of a minimum registration or work period in the Comunidad de Madrid

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