Why Do People Migrate? Part 2: Theories

19 Apr 2016, 12:59 AM
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Read carefully this chapter. You will find a summary of the main migration theories and some criticism to the current state of the art.

Do you agree with the author that we should have one unifying theory of migration? What would be the pros and cons of going that way?

Write your opinion in your journal! and don't forget that you can also look what others' have written in their journal and give your comments.

Beyond the current theories


I do not agree that there should be one migration theory because migration is as diverse as the people who migrate. Circular migration is the norm in the Gulf States but not so much in Europe. People migrate because of wars, natural phenomenon, etc. not just for the labor market. The theories of assimilation may need refining in today's world where the Internet will keep you tied to your homelands. Amazon will keep you close to the things you know and love. In the 1800's, a person made a terrible ocean crossing when they migrated from Europe to the Americas and probably never went back. They seldom heard from the families left behind. This doesn't happen now because of electronics, ease of travel, a global economy. Perhaps a new, modern immigration theory needs to be developed based on what is happening now.

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