03 Mar 2017, 04:31 AM
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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

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Stonehenge Landscape


Stonehenge has always fascinated me and was on my must see list. My first visit to Stonehenge was years ago right out of high school. At that time, it was all about the stones and the mystery that surrounds them. I didn't give much thought to the surrounding area, but more about the iconic stones.

In the last few years I have visited Stonehenge a couple more times and I have toured the surrounding sites. I have been fortunate enough to volunteer at the Blick Mead dig site. During this time, I have gained an appreciation for the landscape of the surrounding area of Stonehenge. David Jacques has done an amazing job leading the dig project at Blick Mead. The findings he and his team have uncovered help you understand the people and history of the landscape.

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