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Background on Kevin Slaten


I have been involved in civil society and collective action research since 2007 and, more specifically, labor rights research and advocacy since 2010, with a heavy focus on labor rights and organizing in China. I spent a year volunteering at a workers center in northeast China and have also previously lived in Taiwan. I am currently in New York City working as the program coordinator of China Labor Watch, a watchdog group which investigates labor conditions in Chinese factories linked to international supply chains and advocates for the rights of Chinese workers.

Serving as a GLU tutor excites me because in an increasingly globalized economy, a globalized labor movement with international consciousness and communication is critical for limiting the power of divergent interests. I am also a proud participate of the 2015 MOOC and as such would like to share the course with more people!

For GLU-related activities, please email me at:
(In Chinese, tuanjie, or 团结, mean solidarity.)

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