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04 Mar 2016, 02:34 AM
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Share Your Story! ☝



Web Based Courses - Web Campus
For members to sign up and take courses at own pace
limited time allotment to finish a course (15 hrs per course)
WBT / VBT style

We have a high percentage of people signing up but not completing the training .. as this is a WBT we track the engagement by completion..
IE 46% completed / 14% incomplete / 41% incomplete
So we have almost the same percentage signing up for course but not following through.

Learnings :
So we have to engage this percentage to figure out the cause of not completing the course... now this is direct manpower used to track a Self paced WBL program intended to be a benefit to the Union membership.


  1. Gather the reasoning behind the membership being incomplete .. by doing a Mass email survey instead of direct man power speaking first hand to save on costs.
  2. Cost feasibility to continue this WBL program when 50% are engaging but not following through.
  3. Maybe offer a Peer Based/ WBL by offering an evening place for the Union membership to come in to study or get the help needed-member engagement
  4. May need to offer some translation so we can engage other cultures that English is not a first language so they can particulate.

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