Prototyping Interaction

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Mapping the context and communicating your concept with a (moving) storyboard.
Think of a solution that contains a smartphone or a tablet. Envision the working of the service/product in a storyboard.

Show in the storyboard:

  • What the user experience looks like
  • How the service works
  • What the context is
  • How user interface generally works

Upload your storyboard, and a description.
Optional: Capture your storyboard in a video and provide it with a voice-over.
Deliverable: image and/or video and a short text

Storyboard "Connecting elderly people through Companion-Finding App"


The storyboard shows the use of the App "Companion Finder". It illustrates
a) how age-related isolation can be prevented for people who are about to retire
b) how age-related isolation can be reduced for people who are already retired.

Two main characters occur in the story board.
Bob is 59 years old and is about to retire. He does not like the idea to leave his workplace and pushes this thought away until he is "surprised" by his retirement - unprepared and without any clue how to build a new network of friends outside of work.

Herb is 75 years old and already retired. After his wife died a couple of years ago, he has hardly any contacts and is very lonely.

The "Companion Finder" App brings together elderly people who are about to retire and who are already retired and who want to find new contacts.

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