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Create a journal entry: Reflect on your learning objectives


In Chapter 1 you outlined your motivation and learning objectives you liked to achieve with this course. Please note in your journal if you reached your learning targets, what you enjoyed about the course and what you missed in the program.

Reflection on learning outcomes from the CCAA course


I did achieve one of my main objectives, whereas others still need to be fulfilled. I now have an idea of what contemporary Chinese art looks like in terms of its iconography. I also understand the tensions and issues at play that provided the context for the creation of contemporary Chinese art. I also learnt a bit about the timeline for changes in the Chinese contemporary art scene. This knowledge would be helpful to me as an arts journalist, as well as as an art market copywriter. To develop my skills in writing marketing copy for the art market, however, I would need a better knowledge of the major artists and their works.

However, the CCAA course was a very good taster of the iconography of Chinese contemporary art, as well as being a valuable resource for understanding the art historical background of this genre.

I very much enjoyed learning about the political, cultural and social contexts that shaped Chinese contemporary art, and I appreciate being provided with guidance on how to analyse the impact of each of these. It was also useful for me to consider how the CCAA story could be replicated here in the Caribbean for the promotion of Caribbean art.

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