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»I did achieve one of my main objectives, whereas others still need to be fulfilled. I now have an idea of what contemporary Chinese art looks like in terms of its iconography. I also understan…

Reflection on learning outcomes from the CCAA course

Jewel Fraser, 08 Aug 17

»The CCAA's main focus now is on institutionalisation and stabilty, becoming part of China's complex of art institutions, with a clearly defined brand for itself as the award that pioneered the…

Where is the CCAA heading?

Jewel Fraser, 17 Jul 17

»My three theses ideas are as follows: The importance of the West to the growth of the Asian art market. Gaining a space in the world contemporary art market via networking and exhibitions A…

CCAA theses (chapter 3)

Jewel Fraser, 29 Jun 17

»I think the CCAA can be used as a research tool to pursue various strands of research One obvious strand of research is that of the subject matter and style of Chinese contemporary art and ho…

CCAA as a research tool

Jewel Fraser, 29 Jun 17

»The earlier years of Chinese contemporary art, before the 1980s, was marked by art that was imitative of Western artistic traditions of some decades earlier. This reflected the fact that China…

Engaging with art

Jewel Fraser, 25 Jun 17

»I am a middle-aged black woman who was born in Guyana, grew up in Barbados and have lived for the past 13 years in Trinidad and Tobago. That means I have experienced a range of Caribbean cult…

My pan-Caribbean background

Jewel Fraser, 20 Jun 17

»I am a freelance journalist and copywriter with a deep interest in contemporary art. I have no formal art history training. However, I seize opportunities to do short courses like these from r…

Defining my goals for course

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Jewel Fraser, 20 Jun 17