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Create a journal entry: CCAA as a research tool


How can the CCAA be understood as a research tool?

Share your experiences and have a look at the journals of other participants.
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CCAA as research tool

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The CCAA is like a “pool of works” that got bigger and bigger over time. At the beginning of the CCAA, so we learned, there were no exhibitions, no galleries, no institutions, no catalogues, no publications, no critical reviews, no collectors in China. So, the “pool of works”, i.e. the artists’ portfolios handed in to be juried, were the only source of information allowing to getting some insight into the art of Chinese artists, their background, their motivation, the social and political context etc. With this pool growing, more and more research material was available, which I think is also important to get reliable answers to research questions.


over 2 years ago

Hi Inés

I agree with you on your entry. There is one difficulty with a growing amount of research material I experienced in my academic works though: The more material you accumulate, the more time and work you have to put in, to source out the wanted information, so you need to sharpen your questions, narrow your filter down to what really interests you, in order to still be able to "manage" the growing amount of material.
Now, I wonder: What would be your research questions on Chinese Contemporary Art?

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