Corporate Digital Learning

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My Corporate Digital Learning Experience


During the 2014 I came across a number of platforms offering free MOOCs and Webinars.
Ever since I came to realize that taking courses online and on my own pace could be useful to my personal development and in acquiring new career skills or improving and updating existing skills.
To date, I have successfully participated in and finalized 5 online course (both self paced and with exact time frames).

Unfortunately, the institution I work for rarely offers training opportunities to its employees. Therefore, it is up to the employee to seek what education or further training he/she wants to pursue. That is why I wanted to participate in this course to know who to introduce Corporate Digital Learning to my organization and how to set the objectives and identify the training or courses needed.

So, I am here to learn how to be a Learning and Development manager and how to assist others to improve and pursue post career training and education.


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