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Chapter 5 Journal Activity

How the 21st century is continuing the story of Stonehenge


So far, much of the focus of 21st century research has been on understanding Stonehenge as part of the wider landscape.

Investigations at sites like Blick Mead are showing how the story of the development of the landscape began. Geophysical survey techniques are developing apace, and it is likely that these will also contribute to our understanding of the Stonehenge story. As more sites are discovered and investigated, more pieces will be added to the jigsaw of our understanding.

The ongoing investigations will undoubtedly tell us more about the when, the how and the who of the Stonehenge story. It is unlikely that we will ever discover why Stonehenge was built, or even truly understand why the landscape was developed in the way that it was. I am certain that our theories about Stonehenge will continue to evolve as more evidence is discovered. I am less certain, however, that we will ever truly know the truth.

In 1967, Jacquetta Hawkes said that “Every generation gets the Stonehenge it deserves - and desires”. No doubt this will remain true into the 21st century.

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