Climate Change and Health

UN Agenda - prioritising health impacts


There are no simple answers as to which health impacts resulting from climate change should be prioritised on the United Nations Agenda. Strategically thinking, malnutrition and access to clean drinking water seem crucial, regardless to which part of the globe we come from.
The occurrence of these problems (malnutrition and lack of clean drinking water) are not restricted to Asia and Africa only, though perhaps they are most acute there. With rising temperatures and more frequent extreme weather conditions the situation of malnutrition may get worse globally. Even in countries such as Poland, located in temperate climate zone, malnutrition (especially affecting children and the elderly in my country) is gradually becoming a noticeable problem. Economic and political instability of the country is the case here. The government is not tackling the problem properly. The health condition of the nation is deteriorating, and the access to doctors is limited due to insufficient health insurance system.

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