New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

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It's time for your 1st & very important task

As you've learnt, the community aspect is very important in this course and when it comes to creating a NBM. So that you success with your model, follow the instructions below, submit your first assignment, copy the link into your discussion forum group and gather and share feedback in the course community.

  1. Think about your initial idea and write it down.

    Here are some additional thoughts for you: What is the community you would like to create or the community you would like to connect your business model to. Who are you going to make your business model for?

  2. Start this journal assignment and share your text with the course community.

  3. Read the instructions in the additional material section and choose a peer group you want belong to.

  4. Copy your link into the discussion thread of your peer group and gather and share feedback.

  5. Check out also other journals and give your colleagues some valuable feedback.

The Toy Developing Project


Funny that I signed up for this class so long ago that I actually forgot about it until October, when they announced that it would finally start. Over the last year, I have been working on a business plan that started when I took a Start Up class and referred to past work experience to develop my project. I worked at a toy store, and as a nanny last year. This experience led me to combine my formation (I'm a fashion designer) with the desire to create educational toys in a sustainable way: my project includes teaching members of a community the craftsmanship of traditional toys, as well as provide them with childcare and flexible schedules, using recycled products for packaging, using my background as a fashion designer to find ways to use materials for toys in the most effective way possible, and ultimately bringing people the possibility to find a well designed toy that will stimulate learning, development, creativity, and motor skills to children.


over 2 years ago

Hi Eliana,

I think you has a great idea. Combine yours skill and knowledge with a new model is a good way to start.

So I am a begginer accounting (I was accounting teacher at university for several years in Brazil) and I think you need to think about some important questions:

  • what is the product costs? (it is cheap or not?)
  • what kind of customer I can reach with my product? It is destined to who? (think about social classes)
  • What care with security of children have I need to have? (it is secure for what kind of children? babies?)

The last question is crucial for your model of business because your product is for children not only for "customers". Think about the moms and dads who pay for the toys. If they don´t trust in your product yourbusiness will faill.

I hope my comentary is usefull.



Ps.: english is not my first language, I apologyse any inconvenience of the terms and words I used here. And I hope You (and others) can understand what I wrote.

over 2 years ago

Thank you so much! Those are great questions to ask.

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