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11 Mar 2016, 01:11 PM

Sharing My Story!


Personally, I have experience some MOOC type of digital learning,concerning a variety of fields.The very first digital course I took contained videos and no scripts at all.The second one had no video and only texts.
As for the first one,I totally loved the video lectures,because they helped me not only understand better the content it provided,but also kept me occupied and therefore I was engrossed!
About the second one,I liked the fact that I could download the content and read it whenever I was without having to worry about annoying someone else.
Therefore,I came to the conclusion that I like the digital courses which provide me both video and texts.That way I can listen to the content and make sure I understood it and if I have trouble remembering something,I can read from the text that particular part,without needing to see the whole video again.
Furthermore,videos make more vivid and interesting the course,whereas texts give me the opportunity to remember the content i was taught any time,even years after taking the course.
Finally,I believe that audio tracks are of little interest,because they can be successfully replaced by videos and texts.


almost 3 years ago

I agree with your point about audio — that's my least favourite form of content. I can see though how it might be suitable for certain contexts (e.g listening to something while you driving or running).

almost 3 years ago

Hi Elda, really interesting your experience with MOOC type of digital learning. In my company, we are about to start at MOOC course about the digitization of our industry, something that affects most employees already.
Would you like to share, what type of MOOCs you participated in and what the set-up was (e.g. type of knowledge and who participated)?

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