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Create a journal entry: Global culture


Describe yourself, your cultural background and how you experience culture on a daily basis.

Do you observe examples of global culture in your everyday life?

Share your experiences and have a look at the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.



As a founder of an association in the field of devellopment collaboration with disadvantaged people I was aware that not only civilization themes will bring them further on. To live first their culture and art gives them a much needed dignity and a self-determined new start. This has to be part in everyday life.


Hi Diether
I fully agree with your thesis and am curious about new thinkings regarding to your special work.
Looking forward to hearing more about it

over 2 years ago

Dear Elisabeth.
In EcoSolidar we always accepted and encourages the wish of NGO’s to implement culture and art into their projects. In Bolivia in the 90ies the partner organization worked together with the art school. The students and the kids could learn from each other about their situation and learned techniques to paint. Later they exhibited their works publicly in the town. Now e.g. in Cambodia children at risk learn to build old instruments and to play ancient temple music and perform with costume dances. Some of them already got freelancers for inaugurations etc. Or another example: In Costa Rica kids in danger are trained in their own circus and performed artistically in Mexico and last year in Switzerland as well. More you can find out on There are some videos as well.
Thanks for your interest

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